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Places to Join

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 After viewing and accessing Web 2.0 tools, here are a few places you can join to become part of the Internet community.


Social Bookmarking - Don't know what it is? How about watching a simple video at Common Craft.


http://www.furl.net/ - Click on SignUp on the top right of the page.


http://del.icio.us/ - Click on Register on the top right of the page.


http://google.com/notebook - Click on the link on the far right and middle for "No Google Account? Sign up"


Social Picture Sharing - Same concept as Social bookmarking. You are posting pictures for others to share and comment about.


http://www.flickr.com/ - Click on Create Your Account on the right and middle to make an account.


http://photobucket.com/ - Click on the Join Now red button on the top right.


http://www.smugmug.com/ - Not a Free service but allows more security with pictures. $30 a year subscription fee.


http://www.buzznet.com/ - Social community for sharing videos, blogs, and pictures in an all in one place. Click on Sign Up on the top left.


Social Networking and Sharing


NING Sites - Use your Staff Lounge account through Ning to access other social networks of educators. Make an account and then click on "All Social Networks" and browse through the summaries for Nings for you to join. No account yet, click the link and go to Sign Up to Get Started on the far right (below the cartoon people).


http://classroom20.ning.com/ - Invites teachers to join who are using collaborative technologies. A full site of sharing resources from teachers all over the world.


By Department, this is a listing of various NINGS


Foreign Language - http://www.ning.com/?view=search&term=foreign+language - 19 pages with 18 NING sites per page.


English - http://www.ning.com/?view=search&term=English+teacher - 49 pages with 18 NING sites per page


Special Education - http://www.ning.com/?view=search&term=Special+Education - 84 pages with 18 NING sites per page


Math - http://www.ning.com/?view=search&term=Math - only 3 pages with 18 NING sites per page. Maybe some of you could make your own NING sites for sharing!


Social Studies - http://www.ning.com/?view=search&term=Social+Studies - 532 pages with 18 NING sites per page. Whew!


Health - http://www.ning.com/?view=search&term=Health - 43 pages with 18 NING sites per page


Technology - http://www.ning.com/?view=search&term=Technology - 42 pages with 18 NING sites per page


Art - http://www.ning.com/?view=search&term=Art - 67 pages with 18 NING sites per page


History - http://www.ning.com/?view=search&term=History - 16 pages with 18 NING sites per page


I think you get the idea







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