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Resources for your Classroom

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This is just a list of some interesting and fun tools you can use for your classes:


http://www.youtube.com/user/leelefever - Common Craft videos. Simple explanations for Web 2.0 Tools. Check out the video explanation of RSS or Social Bookmarking.


Tools we are used to using:


http://www.flashcardexchange.com/ - This site boasts over 9 million flash cards in all subject areas for you to access. Subjects range from Foreign Language to Math to even Automechanics. You have to create a free account to view the flash cards online. To download copies, I believe you have to pay a fee to join.


http://www.teacherxpress.com/ - A very busy site full of links for the busy teacher. Nothing like starting at a site full of links!


http://www.chartall.com/ - A free online chart maker. Great for making population grids and social charts for comparison.


http://interactives.mped.org/view_interactive.aspx?id=28   VENN diagram creator


Blog Alternative:


http://tumblr.com - Don't have enough to say in a blog? What about just needing a place to post a pic you like, a video that is fun, or a cool quote without having to make an entire blog about it?! Use Tumblr. You just add things to it as you find them. I use it like a wall for Post-Its. I just post my interesting finds on there. See mine: http://jadkins.tumblr.com


Fun Toys:


http://toondoo.com - Create and share your own paneled cartoon.


http://www.sandlotscience.com/Illusion_Jump_Main/Master_Jump.htm - I used to use this my first week of teaching in all my classes. Sandlot Science provides interactive illusion pages that I used to teach my students that it was okay to look at things with different perspectives. We looked into right brain vs. left brain and perspective approaches using these tools. It was fun and a great launchpad of discussion for our class. Click on Optical Illusions in the top left corner to begin.


http://www.etchy.org/ - A fun use of your computer and projector - an Etch a Sketch! Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to draw on this screen. Also there is a gallery where you can preview what others have done with their Etch-a-Sketches.


http://www.blabberize.com/ - Another fun site where you upload a still picture and then make it look like it is talking. Click on the pic of the Alpaca to play what this site will let you do.


http://twittervision.com/ - The answer to the age-old question "what are you doing right now?" answered on a giant Google Map. Its fun to watch as people answer that question all over the world. You watch the popups occur in the regions where they answer from.


Video Editing:


http://www.kaltura.com/ - A shared video project site. Create a group project for your students. Invite them to this site to upload their video clips into a shared account. The video then is collaboratively edited by group members. Risky!


http://www.vuvox.com/ - Create and share videos right on the site. Upload videos and pictures to this site and begin editing them there. When done, embed the video on a page or share the link.


Picture/Photo Sharing


http://www.scrapblog.com/ - Use this site to create and share photo scrapbooks. If you think Power Point is the best tool for sharing photographs, use this site instead for your project. Its far more visually appealing and allows for student creativity!


http://www.bubbleshare.com/ - Upload and share your photos easily.


Why use TimeLiner? Use http://www.ourstory.com/ - where students can collaborate and share a time-line. How about a project where students timeline an important event in our history? They can add pictures, text, and even video effects to their timeline.


Map-making and Sharing


How about designing a virtual tour of Austin? Of Westlake? Of your classroom? http://www.mapwing.com/ - Use this tool to create and share your virtual tours.


http://www.wayfaring.com/ - An annotation tool for map-makers and designers. Create and share a map tour of the Austin area.


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